Welcome to The One Viola – a luxury streetwear brand

Welcome to The One Viola!

A luxury streetwear brand + music 

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to my life and passions, clothing and music. After various obstacles and challenges we have finally made it to the beginning of something great. 🙂 I hope you all enjoy my clothing, music, videos, and interesting (sometimes funny and random) blog posts!

The Journey

Getting this business started has always been something I was destined to do…

I was never able to continuously work for anyone other than myself because no one was doing what I truly loved and wanted to do. I needed something that had value, talent, and something I absolutely loved and best of all, be in charge of the process and outcome. Therefore, here we are now, getting to show the world my upmost passions and talent, which includes my voice, my mind, my creativity, my personality, and being a bad*** boss chick. I have always been very hardworking, but like to have fun with it. I am excited for you to finally be a part of this wonderful journey we will be going through together. Our journey of music, fashion, dancing, picture taking, and reading these blog posts where I get to be on a personal level with everyone.

I thank you all for being such awesome supporters and will always be thankful!

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